• The True Arquebuse Water was used by soldiers in wars from the 1500s for their wounds, skin injuries .

    This particularly effective herbal elixir is still preserved today and is successfully used by tens of thousands of people for their skin problem.

We have made these Arquebusade Herbal Waters
for you with great care just as the monks had done




For example, there is a product called Arquebusade Water on the European and Swiss markets that is made approximately of 20 herbs, but the distributing company’s website does not indicate the exact composition of the product; only a few flowers are specifically mentioned ! THIS IS NO COINCIDENCE!

Certain DISTRIBUTORS wish to market this Arquebusade Water, also made in Switzerland, but only approximately from 20 different herbs, as comparable to our product made from 75 herbs. They have been unscrupulously misleading customers for years!

In addition this product, there are some liquids sold as Arquebusade that have uncertain origins. These have no historical basis and are not made based on the traditional recipe.

We recommend that you use caution and stay informed when shopping for herbal waters.

While shopping for herbal waters, examine the product's label and read the distributor's website! If you see that the website is purposefully vague,, withholds key information or provides incomplete information, then it is best not to take the risk!

If you would like to purchase genuine Arquebusade Herbal Water always look for the Fabre & Bouet Arquebusade Herbal Water® brand name marked „Since 1634”, which is made from 75 herbs in Switzerland (canton Jura)!

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Our customers wrote

* By using our product results can individually be different.

Pimples, wrinkles

"Everybody knows that I am a strong believer of a healthy lifestyle and a big fan of original 100% natural cosmetic products. I have come to know this fantastic elixir bearing the name Arquebusade Herbal Water, with a history of more than 500 yea..." (Read more)
Angelica Schneider (Hamburg, Germany)


"After using Arquebuse Water 75 herbs from Heavenly Flowers for only two days, the itching and dryness associated with my psoriasis had subsided. Within another day, the redness and inflammation of the skin had settled right dow..." (Read more)
Andy (Melbourne, Australia)


"About 3-4 years ago, the disease of rosacea symptoms appeared on my nose. Countless dermatologists treated it with various creams and variety of internal oral drugs, including steroids with little successes. After..." (Read more)
Ladislaus Magyar (Budapest, Hungary)

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* These products are not intended to prevent, treat, cure, or diagnose any disease. Information on this site is for educational purposes only. It is not medical advice. Consult a physician if you seek medical advice or have a medical problem. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or EU competent bodies. When using our products, the individual results may vary. http://arquebuse-water.com asks you to contact a professional if you have any health problems that persists more than one week share all the information concerning your health and well-being with your doctor, including the use of our supplements and cosmetics. Despite the fact that the herbal extracts helped many people suffering from different skin problems, it is possible that your skin problem will not respond to the active substances of herbal plants, so you will not experience an improvement or only minimal. The experiences described on our website were sent to us by the people suffering from various skin problems, who are now able to leave without symptoms and with healthier skin, thanks to the herbs. We wish you the same and hope that nature’s wonderful herbs can also help you to leave a symptoms free life. Discover the wonderful and inimitable effects of the herbs, their incredible strength, which may also help you to reduce this pervasive skin problem causing much suffering, and let your face regain its beauty as soon as possible!



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