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French and English: +41 22 575 4774 (CH)      Monday to Friday 9h – 17 h

Skype:      Monday to Friday 9h – 17 h


Heavenly Flowers
Company registration number: CH-670.1.006.073-8
The company VAT number: CH-366 938 513

Chemin de l’Oiselier 50
2900 Porrentruy (Switzerland)

Heavenly Flowers’s bank:
Banque Cantonale du Jura
10 Rue de la Chaumont
CH – 2900 Porrentruy

Payment method:
1 / Bank Transfer (transfairt bancaire)

Account owner: Heavenly Flowers

Account Number (EURO): 16 560.493.5.50
IBAN (EURO): CH45 0078 9016 5604 9355 0

Account Number (CHF): 16 560.443.6.51
IBAN (CHF): CH85 0078 9016 5604 4365 1

2 / Paypal
paypal email address:



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