Delivery Conditions

In order to deliver products in a timely manner within the European Union and in other countries worldwide, we have chosen a well-known and highly reliable carrier partner. This partner is La Poste Suisse together with its partner agencies. Orders will be processed between Monday to Friday, except for public holidays. Delivery is charged at flat rate up to 500 gr to all locations worldwide. Above 500 gr as per actual postal charges.

Shipping Charges
(up to 500 gr)
Delivery time
Switzerland € 9.50 1 – 3 business days
EU countries € 12 3 - 10 business days
Other than EU (exept Australia) € 16 averagely 6 - 18 business days
Shipping charges for packages (above 500 gr)
Location Weight Charges All
Switzerland 501g - 1000g € 9.50 + € 4 € 13,5
1001 - 2000g € 9.50 + € 6 € 15,5
2001 - 5000g € 9.50 + € 12 € 21,5
European Union 501g - 1000g € 12 + € 6 € 18
1001 - 2000g € 12 + € 12 € 24
2001 - 5000g € 12 + € 30 € 42
Other than EU (exept Australia) 501g - 1000g € 16 + € 10 € 26
1001 - 2000g € 16 + € 20 € 36
2001 - 5000g € 16 + € 48 € 64
The delivery company only delivers the package to your home once. If delivery is unsuccessful, they leave a card detailing the nearest postal outlet where the parcel can be collected during normal business hours.

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