Michelle’s test…. or a diary of a psoriasis patient

10 days treatment of Psoriasis with Arquebuse Water elixir

Hi, I am Michelle and I’ve been suffering from psoriasis for a long time. I have tried the Arquebuse Water elixir made from 75 herbs and documented everything, so I can show it to others as well.

Day 0

This is how it looked like at the beginning of the test:


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Day 5

As days go by and my patches are fading away my mood and confidence are improving as well. The life isn’t easy with psoriasis. You can’t do many things like other people can, you have to give up things and practically you find yourself locked into the confinement of your home.

Until now my scalp was horribly itchy, it drove me mad, who do not have this can’t even imagine it. The more I scraped it the more the wound become larger and infected. Those white scaly things become thicker and thicker and my shoulder and my dress were covered with it all the times, so it really made my life very miserable. But, thanks to the herbal elixir the first treatment brought some relief and after the second one the itching has gone. I was much relived as at last I could sleep at nights.

I suffered the most from the itching and I said if only the itching disappeared the elixir was worth it, but it gave me a lot more than I thought it would. I was very satisfied with the elixir as it has not only stopped the itching, but the thick scales on my scalp have improved after only 5 days of treatment.

My ears were full of rashes inside and outside it were very painful I always had to cover it somehow, I did not want anyone to see it, because it was quite ugly. The skin was just peeling off from there as well. I really avoided any contact with people. I lived in constant stress because of hiding my skin, that people won’t see me like this, so I ended up getting even more rashes from stress.

Bellow my breast also had a big spot, I suffered from it the most, because it was painful and the bra irritated it constantly.

My navel was so cracked and so painful that it drove me crazy and I could not do anything against it. Right after the first application of the elixir the pain has eased and since I use it never felt the pain and the cracking has completely disappeared.

Above my buttock also had a large scaly area, looked terrible, but now since the treatment the scales have nicely disappeared, now I only have to get rid of the redness. But this will be easier, as the scales have gone.

My legs were also covered with scaly spots, I could not just wear any dress. But now the scales have gone from here as well.

I would not have dared to dream of going to the beach or the pool like other people.

Since I can write about my healing process my soul feels much more relived, because the stress enhances the appearance of the rashes even better.

Interesting, I have many small flacks which I did not treat at all and they started to dry off. It seems the elixir is healing them as well.

I am very grateful for this WONDERFUL ELIXIR, because it not just heals the body externally, but it also and cures the soul, so both will be in balance.

Pictures after the 5. day


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Day 6

I looked it up carefully what you can eat if you have psoriasis, I would say that almost nothing. The list is long. I have long noticed if I eat certain food then my psoriasis appears immediately. I was very sick for a week at Easter, I caught a virus, what I believed in winter it will avoid me. I had high fever for a week and I could not eat anything, could barely drink any water either. I enthusiastically showed it to my daughter that all the rashes disappeared from my skin like I never had them before. Then I realized that the problem must be in my diet. My body is acidic, the metabolism is low, and I knew that it should be restored and also knew, that I am the only one who can help. 3 days after I recovered from this virus my body was full of rashes again, because I went back to my old diet.

When I started to test the Arquebuse Water I decided that I will try the paleo diet. In this diet you can’t eat what is harmful to you. Since I am eating by this diet I don’t have new rashes only the old ones. You have to heal your body inside as well, otherwise the rashes will reoccur again and again. I hope if I use the diet and the elixir together then my skin will be healed. Maybe I will have a few rashes here and there, but now I have something I can treat it with. I have the solution.

Day 7

The Arquebuse droplets diligently carry out the tasks assigned to them. My skin is improving nicely. I feel that once this elixir is absorbed it has an impact not only on the part that I applied to, but on all parts of the body, were there are no rashes. It really does heal from the inside as well. It just has proved it to me today. I baked a cake yesterday with jam and wall nut, which I could not eat it before, because as soon as I had one I broke out in rashes. I thought if I go on vacation next week and in the hotel my diet will be turned upside down, because I cannot control what they going to serve, then I can eat a little from this cake. So, I had one piece, then two, then three…..and probably ended up eating at least 10 pieces. Well, immediately went through my mind that I will not sleep at night, I will scratch my head all night like crazy, but to my biggest surprise nothing happened. I slept like a log.

In the morning when I woke up I felt that I do not itch, no new rashes on my body, the old ones are not red and staring to dry off. I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES. Previously if I had just one piece of cake I would broke out in unbearable itching rashes in minutes. I did not want to believe this!

At the beginning I read about this elixir that it heals from the inside, I thought that it only heals the area where I used it, and the rashes will not come out there anymore, but will come out somewhere else. But no, the elixir gets into your blood stream into all cells of the skin and cures the problem. This is getting more interesting and exciting. I can’t even remember when the last time I could eat that many cakes was!

This is the wonder itself!

I thought if I didn’t itch and burn from yesterday’s “cake diet” until now then my skin won’t get worse and I will not itch. I stopped eating the cake, I will stick to my diet today, because from tomorrow I will eat whatever they have in the hotel. So, my vacation will be a good opportunity to test myself. We will see.

Day 10

My experiences were good, despite the fact that I tried all the food that the hotel had to offer, in fact, even I had ice cream several times, which was unthinkable before, and cakes as well. I don’t say that these eating during my holiday were beneficial, but despite not sticking to my diet new rashes did not come out and the existing ones kept drying off. Sunbathing help a bit, but it would not be enough alone as my previous experiences proved it.

The smaller patch on my leg completely recovered no need to treat it as much as earlier, the bigger patch still getting some scales on it, but much less the before. The patch above my buttocks still needs treatment because this is the biggest one, but it will heel as well.

My scalp is completely fine, I am very pleased, because it doesn’t itch and do not scratch my head till it bleeds.

Overall I can say that this Arquebuse Water elixir is very good. The two patches on my leg only needed this much time to heal, what is still visible will quickly disappear. The area above my buttocks needs to be cured. The bottle is half way empty and taking big care not to waste even one drop of this valuable elixir.

I can say with confidence, that what I have written in my experience is true indeed, as the pictures speak for themselves. This elixir is the best I’ve ever tried, the rest was just experimenting without result, which is a lot of wasted money unnecessarily. The fact that the new rashes are not being formed and the old small spots are drying off and not growing bigger, it is a sign that the elixir heals from the inside as well, and not only externally.

Pictures after the 10. day


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