La Véritable Eau d’Arquebusade de Nicolas Lémery 24 herbs 3 x 50ml


The 24 kinds of herbal ingredients of Arquebusade Water can help in almost every life situation. Whether it be beauty and skin care, home gardening or kitchen accidents (bee sting, cut). Due to the potent effects of herbs; bruises, cuts, minor wounds, home accidents can heal quickly.

It is also perfect to disinfect the entire face and hands in everyday life. During the day it can disinfect your hands after traveling on public transport or using toilets.

On a hot day it provides complete refreshment by spraying and massaging onto your face. Its antiseptic effects protects skin from unpleasant bacterias that can easily accumulated through environmental pollution, or heavily trafficked areas such as public transport and work spaces.

* By using our product results can individually be different.

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Arquebusade Water (Eau d’Arquebusade) for facial skin and the scalp

By spraying Arquebusade Water on the face, the herbs will have an immediate effect on your well-being. It instantly refreshes tired facial skin, smooths wrinkles, and tightens facial skin. It provides a younger-looking appearance in minutes. It is also perfect as an aftershave. Arquebusade Water rejuvenates the skin, enhances its natural resistance, and keeps your skin refreshed and velvety soft throughout the day. It is perfect for acne by deeply cleansing the facial skin.

It can also be used as a scalp treatment; rub the scalp 3 – 4 times daily and it can stop hair loss and eliminate dandruff. The hair will look shinier and stronger, and your scalp health will be improved.

Arquebusade Water (Eau d’Arquebusade) for the body

Arquebusade water can treat a number of skin conditions utilising high quality and natural ingredients. The water can be applied to various skin conditions, itchy skin and can help improve damaged skin. It soothes skin inflammation, reduces cutaneous irritations caused by external influences. Revitalizes, protects and nourishes the skin. Thanks to the antibacterial effects of the herbs, it can also eliminate body odour caused by bacteria.

Use it as a deodorant after your daily shower (makes armpits odour-free for 24 hours), refreshes the feet, disinfects your mouth after brushing your teeth and provides pleasant breath. Arquebusade water refreshes, and keeps your body clean and hygienic for 24 hours a day. It can also be used for intimate parts of the body. It is also an excellent treatment for insect bites and it has beneficial effects on blood vessels, sore body parts and muscular pain.

Arquebusade Water (Eau d’Arquebusade) for feet and toes

Arquebusade water can prevents swelling of the legs, when massaged into the legs daily. If massaged into tired calves and thighs it can help reduce fatigue. In addition it takes care of foot odor caused by bacteria, helping you feel clean and fresh throughout the day.

After exposure to the sun Arquebusade Water immediately soothes and eliminates the pain, refreshes and regenerates the skin. Always take it with you on trips and vacations whether your destination is in the cold mountains or in a hot sunny country. Arquebusade water is so versatile it can be used for skiing accidents, sprains, bruises, blisters, frostbites, sunburn, jellyfish stings and insect bites or any skin epithelial, skin infections.

Application: spray the desired area of skin 5-6 times per day, pure or diluted. Only use externally. If you are sensitive to alcohol use it diluted. If your skin is still sensitive to alcohol, then do not use the product. If you are sensitive to any ingredients of the product, discontinue use. Store in a cool dry place, out of reach of children.

Arquebusade Water 24 (Eau d’Arquebusade) for external use only.

Detailed proposals for use of Arquebusade Water (Eau d’Arquebusade)

Skin blemishes: treat the affected area 3-4 times daily with a swab soaked in Arquebusade Water. Do this until the blemishes start to fade or stop completely. Improvements may take up to 3-4 months.

Facial, and mouth skin problems (like herpes): spray the affected area, then gently work it in and leave to absorb.

Soothing of skin irritations: spray onto the affected area and let it absorb

Skin irritations, infections, ageing: spray and gently massage it into the problematic area, then repeat it a few times a day

Painful and itching skin: spray and carefully stroke the herbal essence into problematic area several times per day.

Skin injuries: for example bruises, spray the affected area then let it absorb.

To stimulate the blood circulation of skin: spray the skin, and then massage the herbal essence into the required area. Repeat several times a day.

Skin rebuilds: spray the skin, and then massage the herbal essence into the required area. Repeat several times a day.

Scalp problems: spray and massage the essence well into your scalp several times a day.

Hair loss and dandruff: spray your scalp (not your hair) with the essence, and massage it vigorously. Don’t be worried if a few hairs fall out due to the strong massage, they will grow back. Dandruff will disappear in 4-5 days, hair loss will lessen or completely cease.

Burn, sunburn: spray the affected skin area, then let it absorb. You can repeat this process, until the pain eases.

Sting (insect, jellyfish, and nettle): spray the sensitive area, and then gently massage it into your skin.

Antibacterial effect: (use after morning shower for underarm and foot hygiene). Spray the required body part and massage it in well, to be odour free all day. For armpit care massage the essence gently into the area.

Muscle pain: spray and massage strongly into the affected muscle. Repeat it 2-3 times between 15-20 minutes.

Stiff neck: spray your neck, and then massage it well into the stiff area, until the pain disappears. This can be repeated a few times.

Sport: before warming up spray and massage the essence well into your muscles. After sport activity apply it according to any arising problems (bruises, muscle pain).

Sprain, dislocations: spray the affected area several times a day, and then at night, wrap it with a bandage soaked in Arquebusade Water.

Swellings, bruises: spray the affected area, and then gently massage it in.

Painful tired legs: spray the painful area (calf, thighs), then massage the essence in until it completely absorbs.

Frostbite: spray the area, then massage it in as much possible.

General refreshing, well-being: spray your face with the essence, and then gently massage it in.

The Arquebusade Water made from 24 kinds of herbs is a real home pharmacy which should be part of every family’s healthcare. Make sure it’s in your bag at all times.

Packing of Arquebusade Water (Eau d’Arquebusade ): 50 ml, 100 ml


The herbs of Arquebusade Water® 24 distillate

Water, alcohol, agrimonia, centaury, common daisy, globe flower cultivated comfrey figwort, horsetail plant, hyssop meadow sweet, mossy stonecrop, mugwort, oxeye daisy, peppermint, plantago, sage, sanicle, St. John’s wort, sweet fennel, veronica, vervain, wood betony, wormwood leaf, yarrow  

Ingredients (INCI) of Arquebusade Water® 24 (Eau d’Arquebusade)

Aqua (Water), Alcool 38° Vol, Globularia punctata herba, Hypericum perforatum herba, Achillea millefolium herba, Foenicula vulgare semen, Veronica officinalis herba, Hyssopus officinalis herba, Menthae pip. folium, Centaurium uliginosum folium, Sedum acre herba, Sanicula europaea herba, Scrophularia nodosa herba, Bellis perennis flos, Artemisia vulgaris folium, Symptium officinalis folium, Symptium officinalis radix, Salvia officinalis herba, Arnica montana flos, Leucontheum vulgare flos, Agrimonia eupatoria folium, Verbena officinalis folium, Calendula officinalis flos, Slachys officinalis folium, Artemisia absinthum folium, Plantago lanceolata folium.