Rosacea experiences


How did Ladislaus get symptom-free within few weeks
in a completely NATURAL WAY?

Read Ladislaus's experience below, who after many years of unsuccessful treatments with medicine, laser and steroids treatments has successfully DELETED ROSACEA FROM HIS LIFE with the help of an herbal extract made from 75 herbs.


My rosacea illness and the details of my healing process:

About 3 years ago, the disease of rosacea symptoms appeared on my nose and at the bottom of my nose. The veins became dilated then eventually small pustular nodules, like acne appeared on my face. Its development was gradual and very stubborn. I quickly realized that I cannot cope alone with this skin problem, and surely will need help from specialist.


The specialists did not encourage me with rapid improvement at all. I asked the opinion of several dermatologists, but none of them could promise me permanent cure.

I visited a dermatologist specializing in the treatment of rosacea. He prescribed me medicine beside using various creams. When the creams weren’t effective, the doctor switched my treatment to a topical steroid cream. At first, my condition improved dramatically, but after stopped using it the symptoms returned even stronger than before. I was very embittered!

At this point, the dermatologist recommended a very expensive and painful laser procedure. I went to the laser treatments faithfully because I wanted to get better more than anything else. Unfortunately, this didn’t bring my long-awaited cure, either.


I had read everything I could find about this disease and all of its possible cures, simply because I did not want to accept having to live the rest of my life with rosacea.

In the spring of 2013, a dermatologist suggested trying his specially-prepared, medicated liquid mixture to. To my dismay, one of its components made my skin sensitive to light. After trying it on my nose, I woke up the next morning to find my nose had turned completely black. It looked like it had rotted away! To make matters worse, the sunshine turned my nose into a pulsating, burning lump of absolute pain.

This is how my nose looked like from rosacea, which did not get any better from laser treatment or from steroid cream either.


I went back to the dermatologist who had prescribed this “miracle” mixture and found myself supplied with more various medicines to treat the swelling and applying cold compresses on the area to reduce the inflammation, but nothing changed.

I couldn’t go to work, couldn’t leave the house, I was completely helpless. The dermatologist told me that it would take several days for the dead skin to peel off and for the new skin to form on my nose. When I imagined what this would be like, I panicked even more.


After a few days of experimentation I turned to another specialist.

To the recommendation of the new dermatologist I bought a bottle of Swiss made Arquebusade Herbal Water from 75 herbs which was unknown to me at that time. She told me to spray the red patches on my face 5-6 times a day and use nothing else other than this.


By day 6, I could see a few encouraging signs, the first time in a long time I felt any hope of a real improvement.

The pain subsided, the swelling is reduced and my skin wasn’t as bright red anymore. Day by day my nose became more and more beautiful, and there was no sign of the promised peeling either.

I became more confident and I can say that after consuming 3 x 100 ml bottles, which was sufficient for about 4 weeks almost restored my nose to its original state.

While I struggled with a painful redness, I wouldn’t have thought that I would also deal with rosacea.

While I was combating this sore itchiness, it did not even occur to me that I would be taking care of the rosacea as well.


The most important is:

After about four weeks, when there was no sign of the painful redness, I experienced that the broken blood vessels and pustules developed earlier during the light therapy have disappeared from my nose.

I had to go through in such a calvary in order to get rid of my rosacea skin disease which made my life miserable for years.

I started using Arquebusade Herbal Water on my face as well after shaving, and this was all I used nothing else. After 4 weeks and spraying my face 5-6 times a day I have achieved a nice and visible result on my face as well.

This how my nose looked like 4 weeks after I started using the Arquebusade Herbal Water from 75 Herbs


Rosacea is strongly connected to diet, and now I can immediately see it on myself how my eating habits cause my symptoms free skin break out in redness.

For example, if I eat hot, spicy food or drink alcohol, the redness is sure to re-appear. I’ve noticed when I’m stressed, it doesn’t help either and have to miss saunas and steam rooms as well. It is a pity, because I like all of them.

I pay attention to what I eat as much as I can, but I’ve discovered that if I still eat spicy food or to take a steam bath, I can get away with it relatively sinless as long as I spray my face with Arquebusade Herbal Water when the symptoms first appear, especially around my nose. This way I can prevent the swelling of blood vessels and the formation of pustules even if I sin a bit from time to time.


The Arquebusade Herbal Water has become part of my life. It’s always within hand’s reach in the car or in my bag. When I need it, I just reach out and spray my face with it. It doesn’t hurt at all, and I know that the last thing I want is to be in such a hopeless situation trying all kinds of useless treatments like before.


Rosacea is an enormous financial burden for those who suffer from this disease. I was forced to spend an incredible amount on it, because the doctor visits are costly and the medicines, ointments and laser treatment are expensive.

I am extremely happy that I could get rid of my illness and through my own experience I whole-heartedly recommend the Arquebusade Herbal Water to anyone suffering from this disease.

Ladislaus Magyar (Budapest, Hungary)


More testimonials from people who will never have a problem with Rosacea any more thanks to Arquebusade Herbal Water.

Now that I have to go back to my dermatologist crème, I regret having no herbal water any more L.

"Arquebusade Herbal Water eases my rosacea whereas the crèmes from my dermatologist make my skin feel hot and uncomfortable to a degree that my acne gets worse instead of calming it down. I have been using Arquebusade Herbal Water from 75 herbes and its results are reassuring and I always carry a small bottle with me for making sure I spray my face at least 4 times a day. I let I dry and that relaxes my skin and reduces the redness in my face. I have a lot of interaction with people during my work and using the spray reassures me that I get through the day without feeling awkward about my facial condition. I would recommend anyone with acne rosacea to try Arquebusade Herbal Water and see if it works for them. For me it does help to reduce the discomfort. The rosacea is not entirely gone tough, but no other remedy has helped to keep it under control as well as this natural water. During summer it even helps on a mosquito bite and I guess any skin discomfort would benefit from the natural ingredients of Arquebusade's Herbal Water."

Stephan Janssens
(Brussels - Belgium)

A herbal distillate, which can completely cure rosacea.

A few months ago my skin more and more often turned red and hot. Many large and small red spots appeared on my face. The dermatologist diagnosed me with rosacea and prescribed some antibiotics and a cream. After three weeks of use there wasn’t any improvement on my skin, the matter of fact, it has got and even worse.

Then I started to search the internet forums to see if anyone can recommend something less traumatic solution than a laser treatment, and then I came across one of the Swiss Heavenly Flowers company's website and found out that they produce the True Arquebusade Herbal Water.

I've read a few reviews about this amazing herbal extract, which has eliminated the rosacea for number of people. I have nothing to lose I though, so I have ordered a bottle of this ‘miracle and tried it. And it is a miracle indeed, because after about the third week my skin has drastically improved, it was incredible, my rosacea symptoms have completely gone.

I recommend wholeheartedly the real Arquebusade herbal distillate for everyone!

Christine Klein
(Atlanta - USA)

Rosacea, Psoriasis

Having suffered from skin problems (psoriasis, rosacea, dry, sensitive) for most of my life I bought a bottle of Arquebusade Herbal Water from 75 herbs. I was apprehensive about it as I had tried many products before without much success. I am very pleased to say that my doubts about it were completely unfounded. It’s just wonderful. My rosacea improved in a couple of weeks of using it. Not only has the redness gone – but as an added bonus my skin is softer, smoother and has a lovely texture! I had a painful, itchy rash on my legs but after using Arquebusade Herbal Water from on herbs it, the pain and itch disappeared in a couple of days.

I have no hesitation in recommending this wonderful product.

(Melbourne, Australia)

I have been suffering from the rosacea for years, often get red in the face and on my nose. I do not drink, do not smoke and I do sport activity regularly.

However, after a change in temperature or a little consumption alcohol, or even at a meeting, often became very red in the face. I felt very uncomfortable when I was with friends or at work or not to mention when I dated a girl, I felt even more awkward.

Recently, small purple veins appeared on my nose like spider webs. So, I visited a dermatologist who prescribed various steroid creams, they have helped a bit, but then the symptoms returned after a while. I my final desperation I turned to the internet forums hoping to find some alternative solutions. There I found this Arquebusade Herbal Water from 75 herbs, and the comment of people who used it successfully.

I started to use it on my face and nose 3-4 times a day, and the result was unbelievable. After a month of using it my rosacea has completely disappeared. I am very happy to find this herbal extract, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who suffers from rosacea.

Thank you for the help! This is a terrible skin conditions that ruins life.

Gabriel David
(Québec - Canada)


During a vacation with friends I was acquainted with the Arquebusade Herbal Water from 75 herbs by recommendation. First it healed the unpleasant itching of a mosquito bites, then it cured my sore throat. I suggested it to my aunty for her joint pains, a lot of the symptoms eased.

These personal experiences and the effects of the herbs convinced me that I use this wonderful elixir in my profession. As a beautician, I apply and I offer my guests the Arquebusade Herbal Water from 75 herbs. I experienced the following by using the elixir:

Because of the alcohol content it has a drying and astringent effect, reduces inflammation, daily use helps to remove dead skin cells. Cleaning acne the skin heals much more quickly, that is why I recommend the elixir for my guests who struggle with this type of skin problems.

I describe two specific cases:

46-year-old lady patients came to me with dermatitis and rosacea symptoms. The skin on her cheeks, nose, forehead and chin were red and inflamed. Dermatologists treated it with cortisones cream, causing the symptoms disappear, but discontinuing the cream the symptoms immediately returned even stronger. I offered her the Arquebusade Herbal Water from 75 herbs. After approximately 1 week her condition began to improve by using then elixir only once a day. Then using it twice a day her skin improved about 80% within 1 month.

Another patient of mine had sensitive skin in the face with tiny capillary blood vessels by twice daily application over 4-5 weeks her skin has become much lighter and the sensitivity is gone.

Edith Kern
(beautician, Dortmund-Germany)

My opinion of Arquebusade Herbal Water from 75 herbs.

I have applied the Arquebusade Herbal Water from 75 herbs. in the following skin diseases: (for the sake of simplicity I used scoring methods between 1-5 (just like in schools) 5 being excellent. In this statement I only report cases with severe symptoms:

Rosacea: Requiring a thorough investigation. Previously we only experienced gradual, small-scale changes in symptoms during the treatment of this disorder which is associated with chronic facial inflammation, suppuration and vasodilation. Use of the “’water” can greatly shorten the active period with symptoms. It has high vascular contractive effect as well. Scores: 5 (in 2 severe cases)

• thanks to the many facets of the agent it is able to influence, improve all abnormal reactions of the skin.
• simple application
• excellent first aid travel agents
• easy to use on holidays and in case of sport injuries
• comfortable

I would recommend this spray with great confidence to every person with known skin problems as it has the ability to provide faster than normal reliefs from symptoms, reliability, convenient usability, and side effect free treatment. Also recommend it to every household as a first aid agent for burns, insect bites, muscle strain, scalding, and sunburns.

Dr. Ildiko Szalay
(pediatrician, dermatologist chief physician, Hungary)




Try the Arquebusade Herbal Water from 75 herbs, as a real natural remedy for rosacea!




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