The production of Arquebusade Herbal Water

Production is based in Switzerland, and made 100% by hand!

The Swiss Heavenly Flowers company produces the Arquebusade Herbal Water herbal elixir. It is 100% handmade ensuring the full preservation of the centuries old ancient distillation process. The Heavenly Flowers branded Arquebusade Herbal Water are made from 24, 37, and 75 kinds of herbs.

The flowers and herbs used for production are grown in the Swiss and French Alps, and also on the pristine meadows of the Carpathian Basin, where the herbs are still manually collected in the villages by women. After the collection the herbs are transported to the preparatory plant in the Swiss canton of Jura where the herbs prepared for manufacturing.

Herbs sorted into different groups, these separated groups are soaked in various degrees of aqueous-alcoholic solution, thus revealing the valuable herbal ingredients. This process is called maceration (in other words extraction), which lasts for 3-5 weeks. At the end of the maceration the extract is stripped. During the distillation, the main ingredients and valuable oils of the herbs are gathered in the stream of alcohol and water. Each distillate has a unique set of features.

Water is required to produce the Arquebuse Herbal Water! To ensure an impeccable product is produced, the quality of the water used for the maceration needs to be perfect; clear and pure. The efficiency and impeccable quality of Arquebuse Herbal Water is of the utmost importance for the Swiss company, so each phase of the production meticulously managed. We buy flowers and herbs only from the best herb producers and distributors, where quality is guaranteed at all times.

The Heavenly Flowers Company refuses to compromise on anything that could reduce the quality and effectiveness of the product in the slightest way. The Arquebuse Water does not contain chemicals, preservatives, colorings, or synthetic fragrances. It is important to note that the effect fragrance of Arquebuse Water will be slightly different from production to production this is because the identical effect and fragrance of natural ingredients can never be perfectly reproduced.

Arquebusade Water (in English: Arquebuse Herbal Water) is a cosmetic product which is intended for external use only.

Arquebusade Herbal Water is 100% natural. It is made in Switzerland under the strictest quality standards. Only the Swiss Heavenly Flowers company knows the composition, exact dosage of herbs and special production process of the Arquebusade Herbal Water. After approx. 3 ½ – to 4 months of precise preparation and manufacturing processes the finished Arquebusade Herbal Water is sent to the warehouse where the packaging and distribution begins.

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