Tom and his pimples and acne

Hi, I am Tom and am 20 years old. I had moderate acne, inflamed pimples, pustules, nodules and wounds on either side of my face, forehead and chin.

My nose was also covered with black comedones (blackheads). The situation is worsened by the fact that as an auto mechanic student I get in contact with oil and other pollutant materials several times. It was very disturbing for me that my face looked ugly, I also felt that it prevents me in dating as well. So, I wanted to do something about it!

This is how I looked like:


Pimples and acnes on my face – before (Click to enlarge!)


I have tried many different lotions and creams without much success. I also went to beauticians, but the traditional treatments did not help me either. Recently I went to see a new beautician, who recommended me a totally new treatment. First, she applied a painless facial cleansing, then she told me to spray my face 6-8 times a day with the Arquebuse Water 75 elixir for the next two weeks.

To be honest, after a few days I wanted to stop the treatment because the symptoms have not improved a tiny bit, but only strengthened. The nodules “took off” and pustules were formed and even further pimples came out as well. The beautician explained to me that this is normal and keep on spraying my face and the result will follow. I thought to myself I will try to give it a bit more time and will see.

At the beginning of the second week the healing and formation of scars already begun.

Also, I tried to change my eating habits. Since then I eat more fresh raw vegetable, fruits and whole meal bakery products and try to cut down on sweets.

The second week the improvement on my face was spectacular. The inflamed acnes was barely visible on face. There were only a few nodules on my face, and my skin is pretty much healed. Some wounds were still visible, but the continued use of elixir the wounds and scars healed day by day.

The third week we experienced the importance of proper nutrition in treating acne. On the day of meeting with the beautician I had pizza and chocolate for menu, which unfortunately wasn’t really good for my face. However, we could rectify it very quickly. A quick facial cleansing and using the elixir has brought the result.

A large portion of my skin is healed without scars despite the eating mishap. Compared to the first occasion the acnes, comedones and the number of wounds reduced by 70%.

This is where I am now:


Pimples, acne – during treatment (Click to enlarge!)

We have not reached the end of the treatment yet, but with improvements like this I can say goodbye to acne soon. After these results cannot be other goal than to completely get rid of them, although recently I would have been happy even for little improvement.

Boys and girls, you have to try this!


I have ordered the Arquebuse Water elixir for treatment of acne. As soon as I see my face starting to get red immediately spray it on, and it disappears in a very short time. It is also excellent for herpes!


I have heard about this elixir from my colleague and ordered a bottle for my teenage son who has pimples on his face. After only the first week we had impressive improvements. The inflated pimples have dried off. We are almost finished the first bottle, and his skin looks more and more beautiful. Thank you for this lovely stuff.


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