What is Arquebusade Herbal Water ? (History)

For the order of French king Francis I.

Several versions exist about the origin of the recipe described in 1634.
The most likely version derives from the beginning of the XVI century. The French king I. Francis commissioned the healing monks to produce a potent plant extract against the damages caused by a firearm called Arquebusade (in other words arquebuse or heavy musket). Several monasteries also began to develop a herbal extract. The most successful elixir was the one produced by the Saint – Antoin monastery in France, which successfully handled gunshot wounds, infected wounds, skin infections, and other skin injuries occurring as a result of the fighting.

The miraculous herbal elixir

In addition, the soldiers were at countless of other risk, like insect bites, sunburn, infestation, footwear-related injuries, nervous exhaustion, depression and the physical symptoms associated with them. Resulting from the lack of personal hygiene soldiers also suffered from various physical and mouth infections, throat infections, gum diseases, scalp infections and numerus unknown skin diseases during the time of fighting. But the elixir helped to heal them successfully.

The monks named their “water” from the “medieval musket the Arquebusade”, so the Arquebusade Water (in English: Arquebuse Water) was born. The elixir proved to be so effective in recovery from certain skin diseases that in addition to being used to heal wounds, skin infections, various kinds of dermatitis, that people spread the word and began using it for other kinds of skin diseases and for its cosmetic benefits.
So, the recipe written in 1634 can be connected to the monks who lived in Saint-Antoine monastery in Vercors France. The “Water” created from this recipe was manufactured and marketed through centuries as well.

According to archives (based on invoices and letters from 1791,1792), the combination and production method of this recipe written in 1634 was most likely used more than 150 years later in the 1700s, by two Swiss chemists Fabre & Bouet for the production of their Arquebuse Water, which was well known and respected throughout Europe.

Today, this recipe is the property of the Swiss Heavenly Flowers company

These fantastic herbal elixir are made in Switzerland in three compositions of 24, 37 and 75 different herbs using the recipe written in 1634 and with the complete preservation of the ancient manufacturing process. The recipe is a well-guarded secret of the Swiss company,

This recipe today is the property of Swiss Heavenly Flowers. Protecting, nourishing, rejuvenating and vitalizing the skin for centuries!

The True Arquebusade Water of Fabre & Bouet® is a cosmetic product which is intended for external use only. It does not contain any chemicals, preservatives, colorings, or synthetic fragrances. It is 100% natural!

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