Why Arquebusade Herbal Water of Fabre & Bouet?

Heavenly Flowers is a pioneer in commercializing the True Arquebusade Herbal Water (in English: Arquebuse Herbal Water), produced from an old recipe based on tradition. Heavenly Flowers is now the distributor of the True Arquebuse Water worldwide.

The ancestor of this “WATER” was developed by order of the French King Francis I and quickly became an effective remedy against various skin problems against infections and inflammations of the skin. With its wide range of use and extreme intensity after the soldiers, civilians also started using it, and the extract experienced an unparalleled popularity among our ancestors.

It’s reputation increased day by day. The True Arquebusade Water became extremely effective in the treatment of skin problems. As an excellent beauty product, it helps prevent wrinkles, reduces deep wrinkles, removes age spots and sun spots, and makes the skin smooth, healthy and young.

The basic principles of  the True Arquebusade Water (in English Arquebuse Water) differ from those of other cosmetic products. Why is the True Arquebusade Water different?

Firstly, the healing monks always sought to find the relationship between the cause of the problem and the problem itself. Only after doing so did they work on producing the ointments, elixirs and different healing waters. Secondly, their motivation was not seeking wealth when looking for ways to heal wounds and skin problems. For this reason, they were always able to choose the perfect flowers and medicinal plants with the right dosage when treating a problem.

Thanks for this logic the several hundred kilos of flowers and herbal plants in the Arquebusade Water far exceeds the expectation of today. Heavenly Flowers faithfully follows the underlying principles of 500 years old Arquebusade Water.

Due to the synergy of herbal plants found in The True Arquebusade Water (Arquebuse), it can help in numerous types of wounds and skin problems successfully.

* These products are not intended to prevent, treat, cure, or diagnose any disease. Information on this site is for educational purposes only. It is not medical advice. Consult a physician if you seek medical advice or have a medical problem. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or EU competent bodies. When using our products, the individual results may vary. http://arquebuse-water.com asks you to contact a professional if you have any health problems that persists more than one week share all the information concerning your health and well-being with your doctor, including the use of our supplements and cosmetics. Despite the fact that the herbal extracts helped many people suffering from different skin problems, it is possible that your skin problem will not respond to the active substances of herbal plants, so you will not experience an improvement or only minimal. The experiences described on our website were sent to us by the people suffering from various skin problems, who are now able to leave without symptoms and with healthier skin, thanks to the herbs. We wish you the same and hope that nature’s wonderful herbs can also help you to leave a symptoms free life. Discover the wonderful and inimitable effects of the herbs, their incredible strength, which may also help you to reduce this pervasive skin problem causing much suffering, and let your face regain its beauty as soon as possible!



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